Wednesday, November 24, 2010

Students: they've all done very well

If you're not already following the twitter hashtag for demo2010, and Lord bless those not in the grips of twitter, then I'd like to recommend it. It's a moment by moment update of events happening up and down the country from students protesting the government's education policies.

It probably comes as a surprise but students can actually speak for themselves and articulate what they're protesting about without the BBC or Guardian having to speak for them.

Today's actions are extremely impressive with occupations, marches and lobbies seemingly in every town and city across the country - maybe even Bishop's Stortford... no, no, that would be asking too much of the sleepy market town (prove me wrong Stortfordians!).

I know in Cambridge and Hackney the protests have seen school kids, in uniform, with their teachers!

It's early in the day and I'm not the person to ask about what's going on - but hopefully I'll round up some of the events later today. Feel free to forward suggestions of blog posts and comment from students if you spot them, or write them.

Photo credit to Adam Ramsay.

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awesome, just awesome