Wednesday, November 10, 2010

Student Revolt

If there's a lesson in life we should all learn is that students must never break windows unless they're members of the Bullingdon Club. You see, you get a better class of vandalism at Oxford, for example not a single student at today's protest was sporting top hat and tails, nor was any on horseback - pathetic.

There's a number of excellent reports from today's demonstration from Adam Ramsay, Sofie, Jamie Potter, Whirled Peas, Political Dynamite, Nina Power and Red Pepper are among them.

The day before John Harris told students to avoid anyone 'leery' and the BBC reinforced this on the day although the video is lovely. It seems that the story is now going to be students smash some glass rather than government smash education, but that's a decision they choose to take.

Many students who attended the demonstration today, where students occupied Tory Party HQ, have been puzzled at how little the reports of the day in the press resemble their experiences. I really don't think it's the job of the media to condemn the protests - surely that's the NUS's job.

It seems particularly bizarre to see students condemned for a broken window by the same people who justify the deaths of hundreds of thousands in Iraq and Afghanistan. It seems to me that some people in British politics have got things all out of proportion.

Current reports say that there were 35 arrests and the police say they're very embarrassed at how they handled the situation claiming they were taken by surprise by the students. You've got to get out of bed pretty early to get one over on students... possibly.

I suspect and hope that this will be the first of a growing wave of increasingly militant demonstrations, occupations and actions against the cuts. Blair taught us that if you just march the government will ignore you and the Lib Dems taught us that you can't change policy by voting for change - all their pledges have turned to dust. So it looks like we need to turn it up a notch. Well done everyone.

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