Tuesday, November 02, 2010

Some links

I might actually have time to write a proper blog post tomorrow. However, in the mean time there are a few things going on that are worth keeping up with;

  • Linda Smith writes in defence of the firefighters' strike.

  • Pippa Bartolotti has just been on a visit to Gaza and has been keeping us up to date on her blog. You might also be interested in the ride for Palestine, that's coming up.

  • Rustbelt Radical has a great little post on whether lefties are weird.

  • Fantastic journal is an interesting blog I've just come across.

  • Obviously there's a lot of interest in the US election. This post lists the Green candidates to watch.

  • This blogger insists that men should be feminists too. The subject brings me out in a rash of pedantry, but it's a well written post worth reading.