Friday, November 19, 2010

Manchester Airport Protesters in court

In May 2010, seventeen people were arrested for staging a non-violent protest/ direct action at Manchester Airport, temporarily shutting it down. They did this to stop some of the 5 million tonnes of carbon emissions that the airport is responsible for annually and in opposition to plans to destroy local homes and biodiversity spots to expand the World Freight Centre.

This is the Manchester equivalent to the Heathrow campaign and any support you can give would be very welcome. Of the seventeen defendants 17 people eleven will be tried for 'obstruction of the highway' this December. The remaining six will face a trial in early 2011.

Come to court to show your support. Climate defence is not an offence

Trial 1 – Monday 9th December
Meet at 9am at Trafford Magistrates Court (M33 7NR).

Trial 2 – Monday 21st February 2011
Meet at 9am at Trafford Magistrates Court (M33 7NR).

Or you could send a statement of support to or simply leave a comment on this Facebook page or for more information:

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