Monday, October 25, 2010

Today's links

Charlie asked me on Facebook whether these links are endorsements or not. Happy to clarify if anyone else is wondering that I link to stuff I think readers might find useful, interesting or amusing - but just because I link to something definitely does not mean I agree 100%, or even 1% with the content.

  • Congratulations to Teen Dreaming for winning Channel 4's young blogger award thingy.

  • Recently came across Some Kind of Explanation which is bloody excellent.

  • Fascinating news piece on the 'rescued' sex workers who rioted in order to be allowed back to work.

  • Better Nation has a strong piece on being a Christian and a Socialist at the same time.

  • Lastly, do you need a renewable energy project manager? Cathryn is one and having completed her transition into green geek needs paid employment to back it all up - I highly recommend her.
Last of all we have an excellent example of a campaign video from the Greens south of the equator;

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max said...

Liam Farrelly is an ace.