Sunday, October 17, 2010

Sunday selection

Sunday's not a day for hard work yet somehow, here in Ladywell, its nothing but hustle and bustle. You should come and see. Anyway, here's some links I've spotted;

Oh, before I go, there's a series of posts on Liberal Conspiracy on how Labour can win back the south of England, but it misses out something really obvious. They should bomb it. Remember how grateful everyone round the world has been when Labour bombed them? Well it could work here too!

There's also nuclear weapons stored in the south that could be launched within, well, it would probably take a while to set one off, but they're definitely there! Also I heard Michael Gove slagged off Miliband's mum.

I know we're meant to forget about the hundreds of thousands of dead and move on, I mean they haven't had anyone killed since May for goodness sake, but it's becoming harder and harder to walk round Labour Party HQ with all the corpses that have been brushed under the carpet.

But this policy would have side benefits too. Not only would it help retake the south, it would be a Labour policy that Scotland could finally fully support too.

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