Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Bits and bobs

Today's selection of pieces from the internet.

  • I'm really pleased to see Caroline Lucas and 47 other MPs have signed EDM 767 on Science is Vital.

  • Audio report on the European Greens summit which pushes it's 'new' platform of the "Green New Deal".

  • It appears that Sarah Palin is losing favour in the Tea Party movement.

  • Ally Fogg praises Emma Goldman.

  • The Guardian asks why old buildings are lovely and new ones nasty. My answer is that we bulldozed the slums so the nice stuff survived and, actually, the best modern architecture is bloody gorgeous.

  • In another example of how shit everything is apparently the BBC is rewriting Doctor Who's history in order to extend the franchise.
And lastly, the saga and background of Hackney's CLR James library.

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modernity said...


Thanks for the bit about CLR James.

Not sure but they might keep it, see