Tuesday, September 07, 2010

Some choice

You're walking home late at night. You nip down an alley, a short cut home you know.

Suddenly you realise that you're surrounded. Hoodies! Both behind and in front. Your way is blocked by these hugging ruffians forming a giggling wall.

One steps forwards, takes his monocle out and delicately places it in his pocket. You realise with horror he is holding a baseball bat. He grins.

"Face or balls?" You gape at him as he swings the bat. "Come on old boy, face or balls?"

Months later in court the prosecution are grilling the thug in the dock. Sadly he shakes his head.

"He told me to whack him in the balls. I didn't want to - that was his choice!"

Would it stand up in court? No. He'd be sent down. Sometimes there's no right answer because the it's the question that's the problem.

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