Thursday, September 02, 2010

Selected links

Here is today's selection of links. I hope there's something here that you enjoy, find useful or appreciate in some miscellaneous way.

  • Announcing a new Scottish group blog by a strong team of established members of the blogorati. I'd like to wish Better Nation the best of luck.

  • Snowball remembers historian Tom Behan who sadly passed away this week.

  • The New York Times appears to be running a story that other news agencies don't seem to want to touch. Hmm.

  • Jane Watkinson writes on the tension between pluralism and tribalism.

  • Caroline Lucas writes on the Labour leadership contest in the New Statesman.

  • On the Green Party's deputy leader race we have an interview with Derek Wall in Natural Choices and John Reardon blogs on his reasons for backing Adrian Ramsay. (Facebook score 220 to Derek 166 to Adrian).


Anonymous said...

Thanks for the linking.

Derek Wall said...

Another comradely husting last night and Adrian I went for a drink afterwards, do encourage people to support Adrian's big project of winning a green council in Norwich and obviously I am happy if people want to support my project of promoting the Hugo Blanco tour.