Monday, September 06, 2010

Monday roundup

A few bits and pieces I've spotted on my journeys in the web-o-sphere.

  • Adam Bienkov has a good piece on the Boris bikes in Snipe. Check out the comments.

  • Lib-Dem uber-blogger Mark Pack muses on their Mayoral candidates.

  • Tasmanian Greens hold the balance of power and it seems to be going alright. (Check out Larvatus Prodeo for some great stuff on where Australia's going).

  • Interesting article on Portugal's drugs policies.

  • Cruella dissects the debate on God and science.

  • Darryl notes that Oona King is taking down her own statements as they're so embarrassing. Fair enough, but she wont be able to do that as, snigger, London Mayor.

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