Tuesday, August 31, 2010

Link this!

A few more links for your reading list;

  • In Mexico they've sacked 10% of their police force to combat corruption. That's precisely 3,200 police offices more than the UK is prepared to sack for corruption.

  • The lost sheep has returned to the fold. Bjorn Lomborg finally takes climate change seriously. Big news when an idiot recants.

  • Renewable energy news: are swarms of marine turbines sci-fiction or the next development?

  • Luke Akehurst writes in favour of triangulation. I don't agree but it's a really useful and well argued insight into the arguments for.

  • AVPS has been interviewed on twitter. It's rather interesting!

  • Finally a reminder of the costs of war. In Laos they are still trying to clear away the American munitions from the Vietnam war. Of twenty thousand surviving victims of these discarded bombs since the war only a little over 500 of them have received the artificial limbs that they need.

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