Thursday, August 19, 2010

A level results in pictures

It's become such a cliché that A level results are always illustrated with pictures of joyous young women. In fact, it's such a cliché that I thought the papers would make a conscious effort to buck the trend.

Let's take a sample of the lead picture illustrating the A level results story in some of our national papers. (Excludes papers behind pay-walls or without lead pictures on the web)

Daily Mail:



Daily Telegraph:

So, not only does the Telegraph accept that boys get A levels too, it seems to be the only paper that accepts that black people also pass exams. Shocking.

I wonder if there's some sort of law of nature that it has to be this way...


Dave said...

Sexy A-Levels chronicles this astonishing gender imbalance.

Stuart Jeffery said...

As a white male who hasn't got any A levels I'm really glad of the explanation as to why... I was just meeting the cliche.

Anonymous said...

Indeed. But at least any boy failing would be encouraged to retake to be around girls as stunning as these. You may also enjoy this: