Friday, August 06, 2010

Help Make History in Norwich this Summer

The Green Party could make history for a second time this year by becoming the largest party on Norwich City Council and forming a Green administration. For the last two years the Green Party has been the second-largest party at Norwich City Hall , just two seats behind Labour. Local elections delayed from May are taking place on Thursday 9 September, for a third of the City Council seats.

With your help, we could make history and see the first Green-run Council in place in a few weeks. Campaigning has already started and we are getting a good response from residents but to reach our potential we need help with:

- Leafleting and canvassing: Can you visit Norwich for a couple of days or more between now and 9 September? Help is needed at all times but particularly between 21 and 26 August and in the last week before 9 September. There is also an Action Weekend every weekend until the election. Accommodation can be provided and travel costs reimbursed if requested in advance, and you will pick up campaigning tips to take back to your local party! You can choose whether to leaflet or canvass. To offer help please contact 01603 611909 or

- Donations: We are having to raise money at short notice for these unexpected elections. Can you make a donation to help us out? Cheques should be made payable to ‘Norwich Green Party’ and sent to Steven Altman, 27 Clarendon Road, Norwich , NR2 2PN.

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