Friday, August 13, 2010

BNP chickens goose-step home to roost

It's official, the gormless BNP London Assembly member Richard Barnbrooke has resigned the BNP whip and is now an independent.

Despite being elected on a list system Barnbrooke gets to remain an AM, as the UKIP AMs elected in 2004 did when they broke from the party during the Kilroy-Silk ruckus.

This comes on the smae day that BNP Cllr Graham Partner resigning the BNP whip on Leicestershire county council. He cites the expulsion of members who'd dared to support someone other than Nick Griffin in the BNP leadership elections. Cllr Partner says "the party cannot continue down its current path to destruction" but I'm not so sure he's right.

Afterall if the Griffin leadership have to create a process that all but rules out members who don't have access to official structures from standing against him (by insisting on nomination papers signed by more than 800 members apparently!) then something is deeply wrong in party.

The BNP leadership is clearly worried about a coup after widespread dissatisfaction in the party's ranks over the dismal election flop that saw their target seats go backwards and a host of BNP councillors lose their seats. I suspect the implosion is going to continue for some time to come.

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