Friday, July 16, 2010

Zac Goldsmith interviewed on Channel Four news

This is absolute gold - do watch! New Tory MP Zac Goldsmith was on C4 News to be grilled over his potentially dodgy election expense returns, but in 13 minutes of interview he spends the almost entire time trying to skewer Jon Snow on some minor point of scheduling that no one cares about.

When he does get round to speaking about the issue in hand he utterly bungles it, and it's clear he knows he's on very dodgy ground. In my view he'd have been hard put to come across more like an aristocratic baddie even if he had a duelling scar and a henchman hovering just behind his right shoulder.

Goldsmith is clearly a man who regards the media making legitimate enquiries as total impudence.


Matt Sellwood said...

How NOT to do defensive PR. Wow.

A said...

watched it and couldn't stop laughing ...what a complete james blunt this guy doesn't deserve to be an MP I hope the media take his head off....

Anonymous said...

oh this is horrific telly - fantastic

Anonymous said...

Brilliant - really displayed how utterly biased the resident leftie Snow is!

Shahrar Ali said...

Astonishing ... how could this interview go on for so long?

I reckon Snow could have done us all a favour, by letting the man - ahem, member of parliament - reel off his journo ethics gripes relatively unhindered first .. and even conceded an apology for any misuderstandings.

Then we needed some Paxmanesque follow-ups:

1. How are you going to don a label if you haven't purchased a garment to put it on?

2. So are you saying that the whole of party office planned this notional split of costs beforehand, for all those cands rich enough to opt in? But doesn't that show foresight and cunning not guilt-free?

Eat your heart out Michael Howard - not. Now, he had style. :)