Friday, July 02, 2010

Philip Hollobone MP is a toad

I'm not impressed by Philip Hollobone's private member's bill aimed at banning the veil in public. Thankfully it's unlikely to gain majority support or much Parliamentary time but people like Hollobone think nothing of fueling the fire of anti-Muslim opinion with stunts like this.

At least he doesn't dress up his suggestion as somehow protecting women by criminalising them, which some do. No, he falls back on the bigot's old faithful "the British Way of Life" which includes regulating what we can wear, apparently.

I must have missed that ancient tradition. I think he must be referring to those old traditions of being bloody horrible to foreigners... perhaps he could clarify.

He justified his Face Coverings (Regulation) Bill by saying "I think it's inappropriate to cover your face in public, whether it's a burka, a balaclava or anything else." Brilliant. Almost every motorcycle crash helmet banned at a stroke. Clearly this is his real agenda - he hates Jerey Clarkson and the 'Stig'.


CllrCorazzo said...

You got to believe it he is my MP and boy what a horrible impression he is giving of Kettering and it's decent people. According to the local Muslim association only 2 women out of 90000 population on kettering wear a burkha. We'd rather he was sticking up for us as cuts are made. Hasn't even tried to save free swimming for u16s and over 60s. Warped priorities i think.

Anonymous said...

The veil should be banned. It has got nothing to do with religion it is a symbol and that symbol says “I reject your ‘western’ culture and values, I will never integrate into your society.”

Anonymous said...

When are people going to wake up to the fact that the religion of Islam is a sexist religion.
Banning the burka would be a stand for the rights of Muslim women.
If the garment isn't sexist, then why do Muslim men NEVER wear it.
All you twits who think you are better than the next man (or woman) because you believe yourselves to be tolerant to other people's 'ways', are just condoning the continuing discrimination against half of the Muslim population!! IDIOTS.

Jim Jepps said...

First of all I'd just like to say that I reject your Western values.

Second of all criminalising women is not the way to liberate them. You do not give people rights by taking away their right to do something.

I'm not opposed to the ban because I'm 'tolerant', I'm against it because any such law would single out Muslim women for fines/imprisonment. I think that's wrong.

Thirdly I think you'll find most men in most cultures do not wear women's clothes. In religious societies this is particularly so.

Anonymous said...

I think you'll find that Muslim men wear both trousers and dresses - but they NEVER cover their faces unless for a practical reason such as a sandstorm (even with a male version of the 'veil')!!
If criminalising a woman who wears a burka is the way forward to liberating them - then I, as a woman am all for it.
Many women in the past have gone to prison and even lost their lives in the name of 'women's rights'!
And lastly, I'd just like to say that I reject your ancient, outdated and sexist values - gosh, you'll be stoning women to death for adultery soon!!!!

Jim Jepps said...

Anon: you're the one who wants to use the law against women - not me.

The suffragettes were willing to get sent to prison to push society forwards, you are happy to see *other women* sent to jail to satisfy your desire to ensure they cannot exercise how they dress - big difference.

Muslim men wear dresses? You're an idiot.

Anonymous said...

I am deaf. Women who wear burkas discriminate against me because I cannot see their mouths to 'hear' what they are saying and am accused of discrimination when I ignore them. I resent this. European women are expected to wear a headscarf in muslim countries to follow their laws, it is quite reasonable that in mine they follow the laws against discrimination of deaf disabled people and do not cover their mouths so I can read their lips. Don't expect me to follow the law in your country and for you to break it in mine. This hypocracy makes me very angry.

Jim Jepps said...

They aren't breaking any laws and some of them were born in this country. My guess is you've never talked to women in burkhas anyway so it should not trouble you.

Anonymous said...

Jim Jepps

There are several different people on here using the pseudonym "Anonymous"!
We are not all the same person, I would guess there are at least 3 different posters.

Jim Jepps said...

If you're confused my responses relate to the posts directly before them.

It's extremely unlikely that this is three different people though, not that it has any bearing on my replies.

If you'd prefer to have this discussion without covering your identity behind a veil of anonymity (oh the irony!) then it's very simple to sign your name after you've finished typing - you don't need to log in or anything. Pretend it's a letter (not the poison pen kind of course) - it helps civilised discussion when your not dropping anonymous notes through my letter box.

Anonymous said...

I am sick of the minority living here doing what they want and telling us how to live.

If we go to another country we have to live by their rules, If they come here they live by their own rules, its not racism, it is fact.

How come a muslim woman can wear a Burkka but if a man wears a balaclava he is assumed to be a criminal.

How come you cant walk into a bank with a helment on or a balaclava but can in a muslim viel, they both hide the face dont they? a woman in a viel could be a bank robber

How can a muslim womans passport be used by a MALE muslim bomber who escaped the uk in female muslim dress after the 2nd wave of London bombings.

The namby pambies like Liberty claim its infringement of theur HUMAN RIGHTS, wheres the rights of those killed by muslim terrorosts then like 9/11 and London bombings, sorry to say that i feel some have their prioroties wrong.

And if we had any guts within this new government they will ban any facial coverings, as expressions can also be a form of communication and you cant see them thru a veil


Live here and obey the rules,

Joseph said...

You've just proved the guys point with this rant of yours! You're clearly a member of either the BNP or the English Defence League. You're a RACIST!!! This country won't change its values for the likes of racists like you. My grandfather fought against people like you in the Second World War! Get over it or leave!!! Believe me, you won't be missed!!!!!!!