Monday, July 12, 2010

Bits and bobs

  • Who says twitter isn't useful? Without it we wouldn't be able to see first hand what irresponsible idiots the press are, out of their own blackberries. Example.

  • Talking of that lovable murderous misogynist Raoul Moat the New Statesman has an interesting piece, in defence of the police while Martin lays into the press.

  • Charlie Brooker tears a strip off of limp vampire films. Includes the classic statement; "If Twilight doesn't culminate in a 28-minute shot of her lying spread-eagled on the marital bed tearfully rubbing the leathery, disintegrating corpse of a 200-year-old bat against her marital sector, the entire saga has been a cop-out and a lie." Quite.

  • Liberal Conspiracy points to a conversation with Oona and Ken where Oona King sees the job of Mayor as helping trim the fat and Mr Livingstone looks to fighting the cuts.

  • Talking of the Labour Party I notice that Diane Abbott has a new website to support her leadership bid which can sit snugly in these links next to Ken Livingstone's.

  • Capitalism Bad, Tree Pretty writes of abortion laws and abortion rates. "To be absolutely clear - when New Zealand passed what was then one of the most restrictive abortion laws in the Western world and the cost of abortion increased dramatically - the total number of abortions New Zealand women had went up."

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