Wednesday, June 16, 2010

Wednesday's football pieces

  • The New Statesman takes a look at the lilting nuance of the vuvuzela.

  • They must have been watching the way the professionals play them.

  • BBC website about why have the Cup in Africa and then insist it's too African.

  • The Guardian tells us that goalies are basically misfits

  • Disgraceful detention of Dutch fans for wearing cloths with logos from non-sponsors.

  • After the ITV cock-up the Independent reminds us the ads have spoiled the fun before.

  • Mark Steel has a great time denouncing the not so free market of the World Cup.

  • Lastly, I enjoyed this letter from Eddie Dougall, "The incessant noise of the South African vuvuzelas is a disappointment: it is still possible to hear the non-stop comments from the pundits and commentators above it."

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