Tuesday, June 15, 2010

Tuesday's football pieces

More bits and pieces from the World Cup I thought people might be interested in. I should point out I'm not necessarily endorsing any of the opinions in these links, but I do think they are worth a look - otherwise I wouldn't link to 'em.

  • There's an interesting Mum's Net discussion on the relationship between football and domestic violence.

  • Olly Zanetti asks whether those who shun flags are just snobs.

  • Talking of snobs the BBC (also) may be looking to purge them from our screens.

  • The Guardian is having fun at the moment. Check out their lego re-enactment of Saturday's game.

  • The Sauce looks at slum dwellers who are facing eviction during the Cup.

  • Peter Guest tells us not to patronise Africa. It was great even before the World Cup.

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