Thursday, June 24, 2010

Thuresday's football pieces - happy now?

Well, England beat the Slitheen team and most commentators agreed that England's performance was a little bit less mediocre than on previous occasions, as this typical piece of defending pictured no doubt demonstrates.

  • Political prisoner Mumia Abu Jamal writes on vuvuzelas.

  • Martin's blog takes issue with some scientific explanations of the difference between fans.

  • Paul Watson meanwhile finds one Nigerian miss to be baffling to science.

  • The question for England fans now is who do you want to be beaten by? Germany in the next game or Argentina in the round after that. Exciting.

  • Oh, and do check out Radio Four's Look Away Now, which is pretty good for a topical sporting comedy.

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Roobin said...

Yous swine. You made me burst out laughing in a library.

I'm nicking that picture.