Tuesday, June 22, 2010

Is it the Jews?

Sorry about the blogging gap, I've been enjoying the sunshine and pretending not to be a nerd. However, if I hadn't been out I wouldn't have picked up a fascinating "Christian" leaflet from a man who was very keen to tell me that he'd written it himself. I restrained myself from saying "You don't say" as I admired the clip art party balloons and point eight size font.

Anyway, I only got a chance to read it just now and, as you can imagine, the quality of the content was of the highest kind. I'm not referring to the piece on back which, with classic British deadpan, declared that before Adam ate the apple "there were no weeds" or that the author had "seen articles that suggest the existence of gay animals". Glorious.

It had a great style to it that tickled me. For instance "Adam and Eve were naked year round. With "The Fall" began the fashion industry." Brilliant.

More seriously though when the lead article claimed that there is a "group [who] gained control of the economy, industry and military of most of the world over generations" that we have to watch out for. Don't worry though because you'll be able to recognise them as "God himself has a hook in their noses". Oh. Does he.

He then goes on to remind us of Habakkuk's thoughts on the "sins of Israel" and how God punished the sinners by using the Babylonians (pictured), even though they were "even more wicked than Israel."

He then points out, apropos of nothing, that Hitler was also a wicked man just like those Babylonians who God used to work his will. We need, he goes on, "radical surgery" to cure society's ills, otherwise "evil International Bankers" will wreak a terrible hurricane upon us.

Obviously he's done us all a great service by bringing to our attention this horrid bunch who control everything, especially the banks, and have hooks in their noses, but who can they be? They aren't named, which is inconvenient. Hmmm, they exemplify the sins of Israel and we might need someone a bit like Hitler to sort it out, even though Hitler wasn't very nice - like the Babylonians.

No. Can't think who it might be he's referring to, but I do feel slightly ill about being quite so friendly to him earlier. Quite some moral trick though, to say that being evil is to do God's work and that good people tend to stand idly by when there is God's work to be done, which makes them evil and they will be punished.

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