Friday, June 18, 2010

Friday's football pieces - bumper edition

  • Caron is jolly excited by the way we all got to pay for Boris to go to the World Cup. Super!

  • Andy has spotted a useful round-up of the African blogosphere's reaction to the Cup.

  • Paul Sagar asks whether the England squad need better incentives.

  • Fatima Asmal wonders whether all of South Africa is feeling the fever.

  • David Bond declares that this is the most boring World Cup in history, and we haven't even finished the group stage yet!

  • Paul Mason explains what bank regulators could learn from football referees.

  • The ongoing coverage of from the Watson brothers at back of the net is most enjoyable.

  • The London Progressive Journal has two Cup related stories. One moaning about the way advertisers have treated it like one long sales pitch ("pitch" - get it!) and the other discussing nationalism and hype.

  • Sunder Katwala explores whether we should consolidate our patchwork of useless 'national' teams into one, easily managed useless British team.

  • The Church Times notes that the Vuvuzela is Africa's "revenge on the West". (h/t Splintered Sunrise)

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