Sunday, June 13, 2010

Football pieces, Sunday

  • Madam Miaow speculates "the only thing worse than watching a team sport is playing one".

  • The New York Post has a sober account of yesterday's match.

  • Beansprouts has more personal, touching, reflections on the Cup.

  • Links magazine looks at the economic price to South Africa's workers.

  • ITV has apologised to viewers after they cut away from England's first goal of the cup in order to sell us shit. One viewer imagines what 1966 would have looked like in their hands.

  • Talking of naked capitalism... it's outrageous that free condoms are forbidden from stadiums because Durex is a sponsor. In fact the sponsors have completely crowded out local vendors who are entirely excluded from the games. This is particularly off because of the pre-World Cup fuss made about prostitution, a discussion which has almost completely disappeared.

  • This is a really fun little gadget from the Guardian. It's the twitter action replay, with time line, from all the various games. I've checked out a couple of examples and it works brilliantly as well as being slightly mesmeric. Do check it out.

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