Wednesday, June 02, 2010


  • The Morning Star looks at problems in the tar sands.

  • The BBC advocates 'citizen science' to save birds.

  • Michael Greenwall discovers you can bet on which animals go extinct first.

  • The Guardian reports on a resignation from the food standards watchdog over 'GM propaganda'.

  • The Australian reports on extraordinary legislation passed in Papua New Guinea that protects companies from litigation on environmental destruction.

  • The Caledonian Mercury discovers that after 25 years a banned pesticide is still causing havoc with the Scottish environment.

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Guy said...

Tried to find another way to contact you, but cannot find any info elsewhere on the site.
Like the site -- looking forward to your promised article on right-wing greens -- not because I am one, but because I think the issue of right v left in environmental context is an telling one... Also nice to see Morrissey's First of the Gang etc get some credit...
Anyway, enough of this brown-nosing. Thought you might like to have a look at my blog, I started it when I lived in HK, but now back in the UK and looking to connect with other green bloggers. It is a lighthearted blog about trying to move towards a green lifestyle, and some proper scrutiny of energy and environmental policy, and how you can nudge others to do the same...
Hope you like it, if you do -- hope you can give me a link from your lovely site and add me to your RSS feed,
Cheers, Guy