Friday, May 14, 2010

Today's selected links

A few more links, a few more posts on the general election over the weekend and then it's back to 'normal' service I reckon.

  • Some Lib Dems are leaving the party in disgust, but where to? BBC and blogger.
  • On a similar topic James, of Two Doctors fame, tries his hand a fair and balanced appraisal.
  • Stoke BNP man Nazi salutes with wrong arm. BBC
  • Splintered Sunrise invites us to meet our new overlords.
  • Scottish Socialist Colin Fox congratulates Caroline Lucas.
  • Richard Osley looks at whether Lynne Featherstone's claims on the new coalition stack up.
On a related note I notice that elsewhere in the world the Greens get air traffic controllers to run for them. Things must be different in Canada - good luck Steven!


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