Friday, May 21, 2010

Readers requests

It's been sometime since I've done this but I thought I'd throw open the blog content to readers' requests again. What would you like me to blog on?

Whatever you suggest I'll do my best to fulfill your request with as good a post as I can muster.

This has gone surprisingly well in the past and I've probably blogged a proper post on 80% of the requests that were made previously so fire away!


Simon13 said...

I'd be interested in something about 'right wing Greens', whom keep getting mentioned whenever I discuss the merits or demerits of the Green Party with friends in other left wing parties.

neil h said...

What would you pick for your desert island discs (including a book and a luxury)?

Adam Ramsay said...

why everyone should go to

Joe Otten said...

If you're into the animal side of things, your response to this:

Jim Jepps said...

Neil and Adam done - thanks.

Joe - will do, although I'm not an animal rights person but it looks interesting.

Simon - will do, I may do a run up post firs though to help frame it but it could be interesting.