Friday, May 28, 2010


Today's miscellany comes sponsored by the letters E, J and the number 4.

  • The Morning Star puts out an appeal for support.
  • Liam has a shocking story about ipad workers being asked to sign an anti-suicide contract.
  • In a story that sent me ballistic with rage Madame Miaow compares the treatment given to Baroness Scotland with her cleaner.
  • If you missed Caroline Lucas' maiden speech in parliament you can find it here and also check out the extraordinary front page of the Independent today.
  • Do you need an armoured car? One careful owner who only used it to drive to church on a Sunday.
  • Mark Steel relates what it's like being rung up by the Daily Mail.

1 comment:

luna17 said...

That Mark Steel article is a pleasure to read - thanks for sharing.

As for the indy front page - it'll be interesting to see if your party's membership figures get a boost, cos it's the kind of publicity you can normally only dream of!