Saturday, May 29, 2010

A little bit of party business

You can probably ignore this if you're not a member of the Green Party, but feel free to be nosy if you must.

It's that time again where deadlines approach for the September national conference. For example Tuesday at 9am is the deadline for motions to conference (for the first agenda).

I'm only submitting the one this time, my ill fated joint lists motion that has been having difficulties getting heard, mainly through a lack of plenary time - so I've got my fingers crossed that I can get it to conference floor this time as it always gets good support in the workshops.

This is how I described it last time, and as it is exactly the same motion so I may as well repeat myself "Currently the Party constitution forbids joint election lists with other parties or independents at proportional representation elections. This motion removes that bar whilst putting in place safeguards against 'unwise' decisions and ensuring the final decision is always with the members of the region concerned."

If you want to support this motion, and are a member, send me an email straight away. Ta.

Internal elections

That's not all though, if you can possibly contain your excitement, because nominations for the national executive open on Monday week. We have a whole host of positions that members might like to apply for, well eleven of them anyway (publications, equalities, external communications, policy and chair for example).

You need to have been a member for two years and get ten party members to nominated you for the post. My ideal is that every post is contested and that there's at least one candidate for each post who actually wants to do it! One day, perhaps, one day.

If you are thinking of putting yourself forward - please do, even for the posts where I'll be supporting someone else! Even if you don't think you'll win it's a good chance to make a point and good practice for later elections that you might win. There's nothing worse than a ballot paper where half the posts only have one candidate on them.

This year we also have leader and deputy leader posts up for grabs.

I'll be honest with you unless you are either Caroline Lucas or Adrian Ramsay you wont win if you put yourself up... however I can't be the only person who hopes that both roles are contested and the opportunity for a debate about the direction of the party is seized with both hands at this interesting time. I'll even nominate you if you like - although be prepared for the fact that I might not vote for you.


Simon13 said...

What are the safeguards against unwise decisions?

Jim Jepps said...

I was trying to avoid party speak.

There's a body called GPRC which is elected from two members directly elected from each region and that would have to ratify the decision made by a regional party.

Essentially this is so a small region with only a few hundred members couldn't go 'rogue' and stand with UKIP or something.

It's a little bit more bureaucratic than I like but the feed back from the original draft was that people were nervous that in a decentralised party one area could make a poor decision that dragged everyone else down.

Simon13 said...

Sounds fairly sensible. At the moment, though, I can't see any party that we might want to stand with. Any parties which we are close to in term of policies seem to come with lots of sectartian baggage. I suppose Respect is worth watching though.

Matt Sellwood said...

I have to admit that, unfortunately, it's difficult to see much of a serious contested election for either Leader or Deputy Leader - as you point out, pretty much anyone who stands will get thumped, which isn't much of an incentive!