Friday, May 07, 2010

Green shoots: a little bit of history

I'm pretty exhausted and my election is anything but over as I have local election counts to attend. It's been an extraordinary election which has been extremely difficult for the Greens. We fought a hard campaign and fought it well, but this election has been defined by the 'excitement' or should that be 'fear' of a change of national government.

The Guardian's facile endorsement of the Lib Dems came to nothing and that Liberal moment was the dog that didn't bark as the yellow surge saw the Lib Dems lose MPs rather than gain them.

However, while the Green vote was squeezed hard around the country (more on this over the weekend) the big news of the night is that the Greens, despite all the odds, have made history with their first ever Member of Parliament.

Caroline Lucas, one of the most accomplished and talented politicians in the country, took Brighton Pavilion. Sadly she will not be joined by the likes of Salma Yaqoob or Dr Richard Taylor but it is now the job of the party to turn that first MP into a resurgent movement that is prepared to stand up for what is right in the face of an incoming austerity government.

Name Party Votes % +/-
Caroline Lucas Green 16,238 31.3 +9.4
Nancy Platts Labour 14,986 28.9 -7.5
Charlotte Vere Conservative 12,275 23.7 +0.4
Bernadette Millam Liberal Democrat 7,159 13.8 -2.2
Nigel Carter UK Independence Party 948 1.8 +0.6
Ian Fyvie Socialist Labour Party 148 0.3 -0.1
Soraya Kara Citizens for Undead Rights and Equality 61 0.1 +0.1
Leo Atreides Independent 19 0.0 +0.0
Majority 1,252 2.4
Turnout 51,834 70.0 +7.7

You can watch Caroline acceptance speech here.

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ModernityBlog said...

Well done, Jim.

Now's the hard part, you'll have to try and keep that seat in the next election (which should be within 6-9 months) and from then onwards...