Sunday, May 09, 2010

Elecion Misc

A few more items I've spotted that are worth checking out as I get my stats hat on properly;

  • First expenses scandal of the new Parliament. Nadine Dorries.

  • Caroline Lucas says her hero is... Margaret Atwood.

  • Darryl of the Greenwich Greens has some thoughts on his election night.

  • The Independent says Nick Griffin's future is in doubt after the BNP's poor showing.

  • Luna 17 rounds up the results for the left.

  • Some Green council gains; Tess Green gained Southville Bristol, with more than 33% of the vote, after she lost by just six votes in 2007. Jonathan Essex gained a seat in Reigate, as did Adam Pogonowski in Cambridge City. In Reading Rob White won our first seat. In Hullbridge Michael Hoy had a "shock gain" from the Tories and Ann Lovejoy in Watford.
Incidentally, people keep talking about a 'progressive coalition' but surely progressive politics is more than simply being anti-Tory? Do the Greens, for example, *really* share significant economic policy with the Lib Dems and Labour... if not surely an alliance s impossible.


David Cox said...

An alliance is impossible because of the electoral arithmetic, more than policy differences.
Even assuming Alliance (APNI) take the Lib Dem whip and the SDLP take the Labour whip, a LibDem/Lab/Green grouping could not command a Commons majority. Any ‘progressive coalition’ would be reliant on the nationalists and then only just. It would only take a few Labour MPs to vote against a referendum on PR, for it to all to end in disarray – there would be another election where Lib Dems lose seats and the Greens lose BP, the Conservative would win a majority of seats with a few extra votes.

David Cox said...

An excellent analyses by Ellie Price a Young Green

ModernityBlog said...


Do you know what is the score concerning Caroline Lucas and her status as a MEP?

Will she be giving it up, if so when?

And will she be claiming two salaries? One as an MP and the other as an MEP?

Jim Jepps said...

David: you don't need a full majority for a coalition government - but personally I think it would be madness for the Greens to even lok like they are endorsing Labour's foreign policy and economic policies.

Mod: Legally you can't claim both wages anyway, but in Caroline's acceptance speech she handed over her MEP-ship to Keith Taylor who is the next on the Green list (which are the Euro-rules when an MEP resigns/dies/etc).

I assume this is effective immediately, although I don't know the details of how it's handed over, etc.

ModernityBlog said...

"Legally you can't claim both wages anyway, "

Really? When did those rules come into play?

I remember Paisley being both MEP and MP.

Any idea what the pay off from the EU is?

Jim Jepps said...

He only drew one wage.

MEP's salaries are the same as the MPs from your country - so they vary from delegation to delegation.

No idea what the 'pay off' is. Seems reasonable to get a redundancy payment though, even if the salary is higher than it should be.

ModernityBlog said...

A combined MEP/MP salary would be about £151,000, that excludes very generous expenses in the case of the EU.

Very nice money if you can get it.

ModernityBlog said...

PS: no more "workers wage" for elected reps eh Jim?

Jim Jepps said...

Sigh. I told you that you can't combine the wages. It's illegal. You can do both jobs - but you wont get the money for both.

I'm still for a workers wage. I'm also for people getting redundancy when they lose their jobs.

Keith Taylor is now the Green MEP for the South East and Caroline is the MP for Brighton Pavillion. Nobody is drawing two salaries and nobody has ever planned to.