Tuesday, May 11, 2010

Caught in the headlights of a Tory government

Prior to the election there were some on the left who would hold up the ragged scarecrow corpse of Thatcher and wail that we're all doomed if Cameron got in. I went to a Keep the NHS Public meeting tonight and there were a couple of people there who seemed to have the view that we're all doomed.

Now, first of all, if there is a rumble to be had let's not go into it with our head in our hands. That's not the fighting spirit is it?

Secondly, to a certain extent this result makes things much clearer. Cuts and privatisation were on the menu no matter who won this election. The result simply determined the colour of the executioner's hood.

What the result does mean is that Labour Party members, cllrs and MPs as well as some trade union branches will be less 'confused' when the cuts come. It will be easier for them to join in campaigns to save hospital units or protest against public sector layoffs when it isn't "their" government that they are having to fight.

As a campaigner I'd far rather have good Labour Party supporters with me than vacillating on the sidelines looking guilty and sick as they try to persuade me to be realistic as their government obliterates some public service or other.

The potential Lib Dem-Tory coalition will not be as daunting to face off than the 1979 Tory Party with its whopping majority. It wont have the confidence, it doesn't have a proper plan, and there is a real potential to exploit the cracks between the parties, especially as the Lib Dems are likely to be thrown into a crisis with this shoddy decision.

It's not good news. They are a shower of shits. But they are a shower of shits we can beat if we keep it together and keep on fighting for what is right.


Strategist said...

Well done, Jim, fighting talk

Strategist said...

Is there now an opportunity for the Green Party to welcome with open arms all LibDem activists who can't stomach this deal - or decide over the next weeks & months that they can't stomach it.

Some of these guys can deliver leaflets faster than you can throw shit off a hot shovel.

Bob Piper said...

Jim, perhaps you've got some evidence to support the notion of Labour cutting hospital units or laying off public sector workers? Or have you confused the Party that has created more nurses, doctors, teachers etc, and spent billions on building new hospitals and schools with some other party. What we do know is that if anyone is going to fight Tory cuts it will be the Labour movement together. We won't be dependent on support from the Greens.

Frankly, I hope the delusional Lib Dems go to the Greens (then they can sit on their arses with no leaflets to deliver). We can deliver our own.

Jim Jepps said...

I believe Alastair Darling's words were that the coming cuts would be more savage than the Thatcher years.

Also, if you'd like to speak to members of the PCS they can inform you of the number of their members already laid off and how many were planned for the coming years.

As to hospital units, I've been involved in the attempts to prevent the plans to close down six A&E units in London alone. It's been on the news and everything.

Jeremy Corbyn has been very good on the demos and rallies arguing against those closures.