Monday, May 17, 2010

And now for some 'what the hell?' news

1. In Texas they've decided to rewrite the school curriculum to end this terrible lefty bias. First to go? Renaming the slave trade the "Atlantic triangular trade"... it's political incorrectness gone mad I tell you! More here...

2. There's a whole bunch of new species have been found in Indonesia that we haven't even started wiping out yet, tut. These include the pictured frog who has an inflatable nose.

Apparently the nose expands when the male is feeling friendly and deflates when he wants some me time. He also likes rice.

3. Finland is a funny place, not only do you have Greens in government there holding the Justice Ministry and Labour Ministry you also have other strange and seldom seen attitudes.

Like Teddy Bear holidays. You heard me. An enterprising company will send your bear on holiday where they will "receive a gift, send a postcard to its owner and be sent home with holiday photos." How useful.

4. According to news sources a Japanese couple have been married by a robot. Sadly the occasion was marred when the cyber-vicar was caught doing unmentionable things to a young toaster after the reception...

5. You have to admit no matter what else they were the Labour government were a bunch of jokers. Well, the hilarity continues as Minister Liam Byrne left a jocular note for his Tory replacement claiming there was no money left in the till.

It's these kinds of lovable high jinx that made Labour the media savey organisation we all came to know and love.

That is all.

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Bob Piper said...

David Laws is preening himself (how unusual is that) when he says the note was left for him. If he had half an ounce of wit to lie alongside his half an ounce of political understanding he would realise that the note was written on April 8th. The day parliament was dissolved. At that stage, for all Byrne knew, the Chief Secretary was likely to be a Labour one. (Labour were on target to be the largest party in a hung parliament).

At least then the note would have been read in the tone in which it was sent, instead of being gleefully paraded to the press by some humourless little Liberal-Tory shit.