Thursday, April 22, 2010

Six plus one

  • Prepared for the next leadership debate? Then you'll need this. From Dawn.

  • Leanne Wood, Plaid Cymru Assembly Member, looks at Clegg's claims on Trident.

  • It looks like the Greens are doing well in the Colombian elections.

  • Just like here people in the north of Ireland are allowed to vote. This video promotes the Green choice.

  • Mr Andy C looks at who the most influential Green tweeters are. The jokes just write themselves...

  • I went to a hustings in St Pancras last night, Guy Aitchenson and Richard Osley report.
Plus one;
  • Mish, in the comments of the last misc, points out that Tim Harford of Radio Four's More or Less 'fame' has been doing some election number crunching, fact checking and general stats watch. Really interesting stuff, here.


ModernityBlog said...


I heard on the Radio (BBC? could have been the World Service) that the Greens in Belgium are backing the Burka ban?

Is that true?

Jim Jepps said...

Sorry, forgot to reply to this.

Don't know.

I've seen one Green quoted for and one (in a different piece) quoted against - but I couldn't see an official position(in fact there may not be one).

I hope not.

The French Greens are against and the Swiss were exemplary during the minaret ban referendum so Belgium would be the odd one out if so - but a bit rushed so not sure I'l have time to find out.