Saturday, April 17, 2010

Six Green bits and bobs.

Just a few things I've spotted.

  • First of all good luck to our Westminster Knightsbridge and Belgravia ward candidate Thomas Bewley who is the sole opposition to the Tory candidates, as the Lib Dems and Tories haven't even stood candidates. This actually is a two horse race. (Marylebone High St. also looks interesting).

  • Thank you to the Telegraph blogger for the inspiring headline "I'm sure the Green Party manifesto sounds better in the original Russia".

  • Top-notch south London Green Darryl Chamberlyn (Greenwich, Peninsula ward) has some good coverage on the way councils are putting out things that look like newspapers, but in effect propaganda sheets.

  • Johann Hari in The Independent chooses Caroline Lucas as his "Best UK Politician". He says that "Lucas has always proposed an optimistic and inspiring vision of how dealing with this crisis can also solve our other sicknesses."

  • The Evening Standard is talking about a "boost [for] the vote of the Green Party" and that "the collective impact of the small parties on the vote could be significant, and even more so in the council elections on May 6."

  • Transform Drugs takes a look at the Green Party Manifesto and, whilst not entirely uncritical, is in my view a very interesting read. (Critical and useful review of our digital strategy here).
I'll try to write something less partisan later... if I get time.

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Derek Wall said...

I am underwhelmed by the Lib dems but however Lord Avebuy is wonderful, very impressive campaigner for my friends in the Peruvian Amazon, amongst dozens of other causes.