Wednesday, April 07, 2010

Is it time for the Time Ladies?

Noticed this great letter in the Independent today.

Sorry, but Liz Hoggard (5 April) is wrong. The Doctor cannot regenerate as a woman. There are female Time Lords, but the male ones regenerate as males, and the females as female. We can be certain of that not only because of our previous encounters on Gallifrey with the Time Lords, but also from observing their society, where, if male Time Lords could regenerate into females there would have been more females on the High Council.

Ruth Coomber, Needham Market, Suffolk

It starts off all geek and then, BOOM, in with the glass ceiling point. Nice.

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CharlieMcMenamin said...

I am reminded of my favourite comment ever on the ' blog, the central critical gathering point of the Who-obsessed. They were debating that bit in the last (or last but one?) Tennant series when his hand - which had been amputated in a fight and somehow kept in aspic by Torchwood - managed to regenerate into a whole Doctor and go off into another dimension to live happily ever after with Billy Piper.

"This cheapens the whole concept of regeneration"