Saturday, March 06, 2010

What is going in UNISON - London?

Was forwarded this by UNISON member MarshaJane on the union's attacks on the left, and thought it was important to pass it on;


The Union showed an even uglier face yesterday morning when a dawn raid was launched on the Greenwich UNISON Office. Not shamed at all by all the evidence that an orchestrated witch hunt has been in effect since June 2007, 6 employed Officials of the Union turned up completely unannounced and took over the office.

When Kaz made the point that the Union acting in this way had deeply upset the office staff he was told "we thought you'd be on your own". Only in the world of the playground bully is 6 verses 1 seen as a fair fight. BUT in fact maybe this is a compliment to Kaz as the Region obviously believes it takes two Senior Officials and 4 "organisers" to replace Kaz.

The Regional Official, Dan Pappiett, had told Kaz on Thursday that he would meet with him next week to do a handover. This was obviously a lie. The officials claim that between Thursday and Friday the situation had changed and that they were instructed by the NEC to take the Branch into administration. No reason was given for the NEC decision, if indeed there was one. Instead, the aim of the raiding party is twofold - Firstly, to send a bullying message but secondly to attempt to uncover evidence to lay further charges, just in case the court cases are successful and also no doubt because the ban was reduced by one year.

On entering the Office, Chris Remington from the Regional Office told Kaz to "disappear sharpish". By midday, the Region had organised the changing of the locks to the office. Most disturbing of all is the obvious collusion with the employer. Two days prior to the raid, Kaz received minutes of a TU Liaison meeting that he had attended. In it, it was minuted that "the Branch would be taken into administration and significant decisions would be taken by the Regional Office ". This was never said at the meeting and was obviously added by the Council following discussion with the Region. The Regional Officers also met with Ray Collingham and Shaun Rafferty (who showed them to the office) yesterday and we are aware that they went to the Town Hall for a meeting which we can only assume was with the Leader and the Chief Exec.

This was a coordinated and vicious action by the Union to the extent that when the office administrator arrived and turned on the Union computer, it turned out that it had been disabled for membership use centrally.

Most disgusting of all is the letter that has gone out to members from the Region stating that the Regions actions are motivated by the interests of the members. The letter says that measures will be introduced to strengthen the Branch - yet members are so disgusted we are only just preventing mass resignations. The letter uses the word "improve" 3 times as though the Branch is not functioning. This was also the mantra from the usurpers in the Branch. What an insult. If so much improvement is needed, how do they explain our results?

But the truth is clear for all to see - by improvement they mean changing the political complexion of the Branch and they want to do this by witch hunts and bullying.

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