Friday, March 26, 2010

Greens win Suffolk council by-election

Hot on the heels of getting a second Cllr Dean Walton in the Greens after a defection in Suffolk, we have just taken a seat off the Tories in a council by-election tonight.

Congratulations to Rachel Eburne who was elected elected to join Andrew Stringer and John Matthissen on Mid Suffolk District Council.

For the curious minded here are the results. Astonishing collapse of the Lib Dem vote there, but well done to Labour who managed to stick it to UKIP at the last hurdle by a grand total of seven votes.


Green 444 61%
122 16%
Cons 176 24%
354 45%
LibDem 51 7%
309 39%
Lab 32 4%
0 0%
UKIP 25 3%
0 0%




Stuart Jeffery said...

Excellent news.

I now have a new election strategy too. Need to change my name to Dean Walton.

James Mackenzie said...

Wow, what was the secret there? 16% without Labour in the mix to 61% against them too.

Immense, immense. We're on our way!

weggis said...