Monday, February 15, 2010

Some links

Having missed out my weekending again I didn't want to miss out some nice stories I'd spotted over the last week. So here are a few links you might enjoy;

  • Jason Kitkat has been graphing the Brighton election. Bliss!
  • Some spoof posters are weaker than others, but Bob Piper highlights one that tickled me.
  • It seems Pauline Hanson is moving to the UK. Is it ok to tell racists to go home?
  • Talking of racism the French 'New Anti-Capitalist Party' is fielding a candidate who wears a scarf and some people are getting hot and bothered about it. Because she wears a scarf for fucks sake!
  • Left Foot Forward had an interesting piece on the climate movement, not sure I agree with it all, but it's worth reading I think.

1 comment:

Benjamin Solah said...

Heard that the BNP were quite happy to hear she's coming. Hanson would love it considering the BNP had more success than anything like that in Australia ever did.