Wednesday, February 17, 2010

Green Party conference

Green Party conference starts tomorrow and lasts until Sunday. I'll try to blog when I can, put round ups at Green Dispatches and you can always follow the twitter hash tag which I'm sure a number of people will be using.

There's some interesting stuff on the agenda, including an over-haul of our health policy, the beginnings of our science and technology review, blogging workshop and technical constitutional reforms of which I'm probably a thousand times more interested in that you are.

There's also fringes on prostitution, which looks exceptional, Darren Johnson is discussing low wages with UNISON and London Citizens as well as other sessions with notables like Johann Hari, Will Hutton, Kate Pickett, Peter Tatchell, Caroline Lucas, and loads of others.

Quite the event.

If you're at conference and see me please feel free to say hi. It's going to be a busy few days as there's all sorts of non-conference stuff I need to do too which is a right pain - but that's life I guess.


luna17 said...

Is that cat the official logo for the conference? Brilliant if it is. (Sadly, I think you're going to disappoint me on this one).

ModernityBlog said...


I hope you can manage more live blogging, maybe get a few guest posts from the conference?

Jim Jepps said...

Luna: of course it is! (looks shifty, coughs, moves on)

Mod: I've heard the wifi in the venue is dodgy so I'll only know later today if I'll be able to blog from there - which is why I recommend the twitter feed for updates.

Will definitely be encouraging others to write up sessions and will try to do at least one post a day - which may be a job for the hour long bus ride!