Wednesday, January 06, 2010

Who's for being the shortest serving PM ever?

I've heard there's a wonderful job opportunity on offer. It's only a short term contract but seeing as it's the last chance to become a Labour Prime Minister for some time who wouldn't be tempted to cause a leadership contest?

This is a tried and tested method of winning elections as there isn't anything the voters love more than a party in full scale civil war after more than a decade of betrayal. It puts disagreements over how savage cuts should be in the shade.

Hazel Blears showed during the European election that a well timed public rejection of the party leader can only lead to a brilliant victory at the polls. Obviously not in terms of votes, and yes, it does result in large numbers of your colleagues losing their jobs but, hey, if Charles Clarke can spit on Labour members anyone can right?

Hoon and Hewitt are just the latest example of the utter idiocy of what the Labour Party must regard as grandees. Either that or they are actively working to lose Labour this election, and possibly a whole number of them after that.

If there was going to be a change of leader it had to happen early last year, there is absolutely no way that a change of leader now (to whom? The Miliband clones?) will do anything to improve Labour chances, or their policies.

Why should any of us care if Labour are returned to government if even their leading members are trying their best to see Cameron win later this year? What's miraculous is that these people aren't lynched. The day is young I suppose.

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Steve Durrant said...

If Brown's apologists had wanted to avoid this debacle they could have done more to see Hoon behind bars where he belongs.