Saturday, January 23, 2010

Protests of different kinds

Phil has an important report of the protests against English Defence League in Stoke today which, sadly, is one of the sharp edges of the fight against racism in Britain today. The upside is that the far right seems hopelessly split in the city.

Another kind of protest is Billy Bragg's ongoing campaign against the bonuses for Royal Bank of Scotland's executives. Bragg links the bail-out of the banks with the government's refusal to hold them accountable for their actions, particularly in the light that our money is now going towards these extreme pay offs they have elected to pay themselves.

Another protest, this one in Brussels, has taken things even further. Striking firefighters have taken their views direct to the government and, to spice up the day and ensure they were heard they decided to bring along their equipment.

That meant lighting fires (and responsibly putting them out again), spraying the cops with thick foam and assaulting government buildings with their hoses. Glad to see they were having fun!


Luna17 said...

All I'll say is this: there are lessons we can learn from those Brussels firefighters!

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