Tuesday, December 22, 2009

Who said what on copenhagen

I'm not going to do a comprehensive report. I knew it was going to be depressing before it kicked off, it was depressing during the conference and it's still depressing now. However, I thought I probably should not allow it to pass without comment altogether, so here's a round-up of ten different takes on the conference.

  1. Patrick Harvie puts a motion to the Scottish Parliament
  2. Peter Cranie in the Independent
  3. Caroline Lucas says world leaders have failed us.
  4. Banksy responds to the deniers
  5. Ben Solah on the self interest of the elites
  6. Jayati Ghosh on ecological imperialism
  7. Derek Wall rages against oil
  8. Robert Newman says we have to kick the capitalist habit.
  9. Michael Meacher asks where now?
  10. Gayle O'Donovan on the cop out.
Lastly, Ben highlights this video of what we really needed from world leaders

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