Wednesday, December 23, 2009

The Vacuity Of Labour

When Ben Bradshaw was appointed the guardian of this country's culture and tourism he was seen as the man for the job. Undistracted by taste, passion or the bitter mote of a soul he was able to crack on with the job of counting the cash.

Little surprise then that he was to be found in the X-Factor final audience just before jetting off to Sri Lanka for Christmas - no doubt to promote British tourism over there whilst picking up a few human rights tips.

Ben obviously enjoyed his time in the X-Factor crowd though because he went on to hail the X-Factor as a cultural icon we should all emulate. Earlier today I received this press release;

The Culture Secretary Rt Hon. Ben Bradshaw MP spoke last week at the Annual Dinner of the Labour Finance & Industry Group at the Reform Club.
Ben Bradshaw MP said that the X-Factor was “Britain’s single greatest export in terms of the Creative Industries,“ which are increasingly playing a dominant role in our economy.

Chair of the Labour Finance and Industry Group Dr. Peter Slowe has called on Simon Cowell to speak with a group of young Labour supporters to enthuse and inspire them about careers in the media.

Dr. Slowe says “Simon Cowell is the greatest example of a British Entrepreneur who has made his mark in the Creative Industries, which to my mind is the future for our economy.

“No one has proven the influence of the media and the creative industries in our lives more than Simon Cowell. He has shown admirable drive and ambition, and we welcome him to motivate our young people, who are thirsty to take up the mantle."
What was the Oscar Wilde quote again? Something about knowing the cost of everything and the value of nothing wasn't it? Someone phone the culture secretary, he's bound to know.

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Roobin said...

Are you thirsty to take up the mantle? Are you eager to grace the hallowed turf of Who's Who's pages? Is your rootlessness grease to the wheel of workers rebellion?

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