Saturday, December 12, 2009

Swearing in the Irish Dail

I noticed this little bit of footage from the Irish Dail of how Green TDs conduct their business in the House.

Here Paul Gogarty TD outlines his considered response to his critics.

According to the Irish Times Gogarty seems to be a little touchy about his support for the Social Welfare Bill which appears to involve cuts in benefits.

That aside, how do I rate the swearing. Well the "fuck you" itself was delivered with a superb plosive cadence by Gogarty made all the delicious by signaling its approach. However, the apology saddened me because it was clearly a technical apology made to get out of trouble which undermines the sincerity of the initial ruddy oath.

Whilst the swearing itself was delightful it's a shame Gogarty dulled its effect with apologies and technicalities. It's more of a shame though that the Greens are backing a right wing bill designed to cut welfare costs.

(h/t Harry's Place)


James Mackenzie said...

I appear to be alone amongst Green bloggers in hoping for a good result for the Irish Greens in the next election.

Jim Jay said...


What would you say if Patrick Harvie behaved like this? Voting for savage cuts and behaving like a fool in Parliament?

I'm not in politics to wave a coloured flag and cheer on 'my team' right or wrong.

The people of Ireland deserve better than this.