Wednesday, December 16, 2009

The Norwich march to victory begins?

If I ever launch a Parliamentary bid remind me not to forget to book the Dragon dancers!


Strategist said...

Meanwhile, following this morning's sad news re Peter Tatchell, I suggest a campaign to draft George Monbiot to fight Oxford East is launched.

That would be a fabulous march to victory.

Jim Jay said...

I think Monbiot would be good and I believe he's a local boy. Hopefully Oxford are able to find a strong replacement.

It is sad news, although I'd been expecting this for a little while now, hopefully this is the best thing for Peter and it gives him space to recuperate.

Strategist said...

He was the Crown Prince of the Cowley Road.

He's since moved to Machynlleth I believe, but he could promise to move back to the constituency if selected. That's a selection meeting classic, if ever there was one.

Kaihsu Tai said...

The nomination for Oxford East has re-opened. Please get in touch with us the Oxfordshire Green Party if you have a viable nominee to suggest.