Tuesday, November 17, 2009

What's the world coming to?

Paul Waugh reports that a prospective Labour candidate for council mentioned in passing that the Queen was vermin and suddenly everything goes off the rails.

Apparently, if you're even thinking of standing for Havering council you'd better show due deference to her Majesty at all times. Peter White's quote, in it's full glory is as follows;

"What is the point of celebrating the Diamond Jubilee of someone who is born into a position of privilege, she is a parasite and milks this country for everything she can, she has more front than margate asking for extra money from the civil list. Maybe she should sell a couple of her properties.

Maybe if she want Buckingham Palace to maintained from public funds she should open it to the public. Don't get me wrong i have no problem with a public holiday but lets have one that means something, rather than celebrating vermin."
Please remember if you are standing for council - don't compare the Saxcoburgs to rats, parasites, woodlice, headlice, fungi, weasels, those monkey's with blue bottoms or cockroaches. It just isn't nice. Also you might find yourself the subject of a message from HQ like this one;
"Peter White has been summoned to a meeting with key members of the local party and officers from the London Regional Labour Party. He will be required to explain his comments and they will consider his future."
Gulp. Can I just say how I've always admired the Queen Mother's hats. Most unvermin like.

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ModernityBlog said...

Soft on the Royals eh Jim?

That could be the first sign of a right wing shift!

But don't worry I doubt you'll end up as bad as one time Left wing firebrand, Neil Kinnock, AKA Baron Kinnock of Bedwellty.

Baron Jim doesn't sound too bad :)