Sunday, November 22, 2009

Weekending: 22nd November

Yo, brothers and sisters. Check these out!


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"As a nation, we need to prepare for a highly sexualised, electric Swindon – a Swindon with desires and needs, a vast, androgynous, super-intelligent being, splayed over Wiltshire."
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Our video of the week is one of Madame Hodge debating fascist MEP Andrew Brons. As she's got the task of facing off the strongest BNP challenge at the election we might as well see what she's made of;


Green Christian said...

The video appears to have been removed, and a quick google fails to find another source for it.

How well did she do?

Jim Jay said...

Strange - it was there earlier (and earlier in the week when I saw it first).

Sadly she was mediocre at best and Brons was a bit mad, but clearly a very intelligent debater who it was not possible simply to shout 'racist' at and think you'd done the job.

It was a very interesting piece of footage to watch so it's disappointing that it's gone... I wonder why.

Jim Jay said...

Found it!

This link takes you to a slightly different edit of the same interview.