Friday, October 09, 2009

Bomb the Moon, get a prize

Did you hear I won the Nobel Peace Prize today? I know, cool isn't it!

Well, technically it was actually that nice Mr Obama that collected the award but we're like that. I'm the one on top.

It's great to receive awards don't you think? Especially when you haven't done anything to deserve them.

He's been in office for less than a year, he hasn't even got his seat warm yet. I guess the committee are giving him the award for what he's going to do... let's hope he plays nice, eh.

For my money I think Obama has some way to go before he's as brilliant at peace as some of the former recipients, like Henry Kissinger, who were simply marvelous at the old making the world a safer and more just place thing.

I haven't heard but I was wondering whether he got the Nobel Prize for Physics too... come on - he deserves it!


Jim Jay said...

Nobel peace prize links;

Full citation here.

Obama's acceptance speech here.

Petition to stop bombing the Moon here

Strategist said...

Jim, what's wrong with conducting an interesting & potentially very important scientific experiment with the moon? (aka "bombing" it)

You were (rightly) defending science the other day.

weggis said...

Have I really been drinking that much. Memo: I must sober up.

Jim Jay said...

Sorry, I wasn't very clear - I thought the petition was funny, I don't have any problem with sending a probe into the Moon.

It is interesting though that the Indian space mission was the first to discover water on the moon and they just went past it and took photos... it may have hurt NASA's pride so they had to whack a missile into it to show it whose boss.

Anyway, kudos to the Indians for their discovery.

Strategist said...

OK, got you now. I agree with you entirely on everything again, a situation which always makes me feel generally happier and more secure.*

"It may have hurt NASA's pride so they had to whack a missile into it to show it whose boss". Enjoyed that. More than a grain of truth in it I'm sure.

*Hang on, better check this. Are you for or against Obama getting the peace prize? Your joshing in the post is too cryptic for me to decode...

Jim Jay said...

I'm for - but not because he deserves it but because he doesn't yet.

However, it helps promote peace by strengthening his hand at home, dividing the right by making the madder elements even more mad pushing away the saner right and lastly because if he feels the burden of responsibility to be the peace president hopefully he'll do the right thing more often.

thehoatzin said...

er yeah

he's busily increasing the peace in Afghanistan right now...

he has an arguably worse track record than Bush in this area what with his increases in troop numbers and casualties on the ground, both Afghan and U.S.

George Bernard Shaw said that the power of accurate observation is called cynicism by those that don't have it. He more than had a point.