Sunday, October 18, 2009

Weekending: 18th October

Let's see what the winds of fate have thrown at us this week;


YouTube of the week - if hip hop had come from Leeds;

If I've missed your blog, your event or your pearls of wisdom drop them in the comments box - in the weekending slot self-aggrandising is positively encouraged!


weggis said...

I notice you have avoided this and this.

David Cox said...
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David Cox said...

Ricky Younger Ross MP is tabling an Early Day Motion next week in the House of Commons, supporting the Reheat Britain campaign. EDMs can be effective if enough MPs sign.

ModernityBlog said...


And the anti-BNP demo outside BBC, Wood Lane on Thursday, 22nc Oct. for the Question Time appearance of the BNP.

Jim Jay said...

Hi Mod, good call, just finished a post that specifically highlighted the demo.