Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Tories picket Green Party meeting

This looks like fun! Croydon Tories picketed an anti-incinerator meeting organised by the Green Party, leafleting attendees and "accosting" them.

We're very polite though because apparently "Before the meeting started Peter Hickson, the Green Party candidate for Sutton and Cheam, went outside and asked the Tory members if they would like to attend but they declined."

I bet it would have been fascinating had they chosen to come and discuss the issue. What goes around comes around of course because we have been leafleting Croydon Labour meetings.

There's a no incinerator for Croydon blog if you're interested...

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Douglas Coker said...

Very useful post Jim. Thanks. We have an incinerator issue here in Enfield. Edmonton in east Enfield has for many years had an incinerator which takes black-bag waste from 7 participating North London Boroughs. I've visited - frightening volumes!

There are rumours that a new/replacement incinerator will be built in the general area which means it could be over the border in Haringey or Waltham Forest.

Looks like we should be following the South London example and doing some campaigning.